Upcoming Workshops

The following calendar of events will occur every week in October:

  • Monday thru Thursday, we will be presenting R4L virtually to Clyde C Miller HS students

  • Mondays and Tuesdays we will be presenting R4L in-person to Riverview Garden HS students

  • Wednesdays we will be presenting R4L in-person to Soldan HS students

  • Wednesdays we will be presenting R4L virtually to Gateway STEM HS students

  • Thursdays & Fridays we will be presenting R4L in-person to Jennings HS students

Our classes are designed to enlighten all aspects of a healthy relationship. We teach our participants how to work better with peers on the job and how to identify relationship qualities.  

As workshops become available they will be posted here.

When you sign up for any one of our classes, you will engage in a variety of interactive and enjoyable activities with your partner and other attendees. We have created a class designed to lower divorce rates and break-ups, while lowering aggression towards each other. The workshops and classes are available to St. Louis residents ages 18 and above, who are married, in a committed relationship and/or seeking a healthy relationship. 



We offer “Within My Reach” classes with lively topics such as: Smart Love, Knowing Yourself First, Where Conflicts Begin, Smart Communication, Distrust and Forgiveness. We believe that healthy relationships are important to individuals, children and society as a whole


Will have fun in the “Within Our Reach” classes, which are offered to couples (married, engaged and/or in a committed relationship). Some topics discussed include: Communication Danger Signs, Stress and Relaxation in Relationships, By My Side: Supporting Each Other, Commitment Matters. A healthy marriage is the best environment in which to raise children. Children whose parents do not stay together, or who grow up in a family where their parents are in continuous, serious conflict, are less likely to do well in life than children who are raised by their two parents in a low-conflict, healthy relationship.

Past Workshops

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